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Teremok is a fast-casual restaurant that was founded in Moscow in 1998 by a Mother and Son team with the foundation of combining home-cooked meals in a hospitable environment. These traditional and non-traditional inspired family recipes are crafted daily in the Teremok kitchen. Today with over 300 restaurants this dynamic duo is still involved and extremely enthusiastic to have opened their first restaurant outside of Russia in New York City!


Pronounced (Beleeeny)

Bliny are traditional Russian pancakes, made from flour batter, eggs and milk. Bliny are served with various sweet and savory fillings – for example with sour cream, or red caviar. You can also try a modern take on bliny, like our Goldie Lox with smoked salmon, cheese and sour cream – or Tatiana's Ceasar with slow-cooked chicken breast, lettuce and grated parmesan.


Pronounced (Bore-sh)

Borsch is a world-famous Russian beetroot soup. This classic staple is reinvented with the recipe of Teremok's Head Chef – with beets, carrots, cabbage, garlic, tomatoes, and bacon. It is topped with sour cream and herbs.

Buckwheat kasha

Pronounced: (Kah-sha)

Kasha is made from buckwheat grains. Buckwheat is also a new addition to the superfood family and a favorite amongst nutritionist and health professionals.

It contains a high amount of protein and it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. This gluten-free alternative can be combined with mushrooms, grilled chicken and many more options from our variety of ingredients.

Salmon Chowder ❝Uha❞.

Pronouced (OOha)

Russian cuisine has been serving delicious fish soups for centuries!

At Teremok we make our chowder from smoked salmon, carrots and a soft cheese, topped with house-made chips and herbs.

vinegret Salad with Salmon.

Pronounced (Vin-eh-gre't)

Vinegret is one of Russia's most well known salads. Made with the recipe of Teremok's Head Chef this Russian favorite includes boiled potatoes, carrots and beetroots, raw cucumbers, and slightly salted salmon lox. Served with various herbs and sunflower-seed oil. A healthy choice packed with flavor!


Pronounced (Sir-nick-ee)

Syrniki are pan-fried fritters made from cottage cheese, flour, eggs and sugar. It is a favorite breakfast or brunch item served with sour cream, honey, or jam. Although made for breakfast they can be enjoyed throughout the day or even as a dessert!


Pronounced (kva-s). Kvass is a traditional Slavic drink brewed from flour and malt (typically from wheat and rye). Various herbs and honey may be added as well. Our Teremok kvass has a ❝bready❞ flavor and is great for quenching your thirst! Mors: Pronounced (More-s). Mors is a refreshing juice made from cranberry juice, water with added natural sugars. Tarkhun: Pronounced (Tar-kouhn). Tarkhun is a sweet carbonated beverage green in color, made from tarragon extract, water, citric acid, and sugar. A must try!